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Active punk communities on LiveJournal

I would like to draw the attention of members of this community to the britpunk, edinburgh_punk, glasgow_gigs, oldschoolpunk and punk_in_fife communities. These communities are presently active, and flyers, posters, tickets and photos are being added daily which will be of interest to the punk rockers amongst you. New members, contributions, comments and advertisements for forthcoming punk gigs and events are welcomed.
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The Office for National Statistics website show there were 65.6 million adults in the UK during 2016.
The Electoral Commission website shows there were 46.5 million registered electors in 2016.

Fair enough, not all the adults living in UK in 2016 would be eligible to vote. The difference between adult population and eligible voters is 16.16 million, to me this indicates a large number of eligible adults have not registered to vote.

Of the 46.5 million eligible voters 33,577,342 voted (including 25,359 the papers rejected at the count),
This gives a turn out of 72.21%.

OF VOTES CAST 51.89% were for Leave, 48.11% were for remain with 0.08% of the votes cast being rejected.
However, the 72.21% turn out means 27.79% of the eligible voters did not bother voting.
Do the maths - I estimate, when non-voters are considered that 33% of the ELECTORATE voted to LEAVE the EU.

I realise the UK has a flawed - first past the post - electoral system and this is very unlikely to change as it virtually guarantees the majority of MP's a job for life (plus the expenses, subsidised alcohol and meals, associated perks as advisors on this and that, directorships etc etc). "The turkeys will not vote for Christmas"

My point is that 33% of THE ELECTORATE is not THE BRITISH PEOPLE.

The LiveJournal Revival community

Are you fed-up with sites like Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr? Do you wish your old friends who've migrated to those sites would return to LiveJournal? The the_lj_revival community has been set up with that aim in mind, and you are invited to join it. If you are already on LiveJournal and still have a Facebook profile, and would like to see more people returning to LJ or setting up accounts here, we invite you to post a link to this community on your Facebook Timeline. If you would like to find out who is still using LiveJournal and make contact with those who are already here, you are invited to copy and paste the 'about me' questions on the profile page and post them with your answers to the community.

LiveJournal is already getting busier than it's been for many years. Let's see if we can persuade our old friends to return and bump the activity-level up a bit further!
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I am back after 4 years

I am again here:) A lot of things happened in my life during this years. A lot of new designs I made and also I got a lot of new experiences those improved my graphic skills what I am going to share with you through my pictures, paintngs drawings and designs. Also I opened few new online designer shops I would like to present you soon!

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Sorry. Haven't been on here for a while (Job hunting etc). Anyway ... I've found myself a local part time / zero hours job delivering flowers from a nearby florist. Hours are variable each day, pay is min wage, it's 6 days a week and it's a small team which I prefer (Only 2-3 of us). I started last Sept and I'm quite enjoying it. Hope it last until I retire, another 8 years, I still might need it depending on how much of a pension I get. So, nowadays, I'm feeling better and not so depressed as some extra money coming in to pay the bills etc ALSO our son is at Uni and our daughter has moved back in after losing the flat she shared with her b/f. Things are changing and mostly for the good at the mo. Keep well everyone. Will try to stay in touch more. Bfn :)
*UPDATE* Have left the florist now (Nov 2017) after a dispute over pay. Have had some more health probs also had some job interviews but nothing proper yet. I'm looking for local part time driving work OR local part time warehouse work SO if there's anything about please let me know ALSO have another problem. Our local council wants to dump 90 Modular homes in TWO of our local parks. 60 very close to us and another 30 in another park up the road. These two parks are the only 2 safe places for local kids to play in. These Modular homes are for the local homeless, apparently, BUT there's the possibility that ex drug addicts and ex drunks MIGHT be moving into these units. Obviously we are concerned about our kids. We've had meetings with the council but it doesn't look as if we are going to get much help from them SO there's a website people can look at, sign a petition and do a "Letter of objection" to the council about these units which are, basically, like Portacabins (Photos are on the website). We'd like to collect as many signatures as possible and get people to do these "Letters of objection" to the council to help us STOP the council ruining OUR parks. These units are 3 stories high, are 1 and 2 bedroom, have a kitchen, shower room, 1-2 bedrooms but NO living area and are very small. The idea is to get people off the streets and out of B&B and into proper homes which these aren't. They could be in our parks for at least 10 years which could devastate the local area. Local schools, dentist, doctors and other services may NOT be able to cope with the extra and we already have parking problems here so PLEASE take a look at our website and sign our petition etc. Obviously a lot of the locals ARE getting depressed over this (Us included). The noise, dirt and pollution while the workmen prepare the area, lorries going up and down the road PLUS IF the new residents are ex addicts and ex drunks then this could cause problems in the future. Our local police can't cope with the current level of crime (I was mugged last July and I had stuff stolen. The police were useless). The website is called- "Brocket and Manford Way Protest Group" and can be found through Google Search or Facebook. Just put the name in the "Address URL" at the top of the page. Thanks for your help. It would be great if we can get this stopped so our kids can play in a safe place. There's other "Brown field" sites that the council can use for this project of there's. Thanks again :) PS- Our local council is Redbridge.
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Appoholic’s Delight: New Mobile Apps in Play Store

The new Play Store update brought new and incredibly innovative apps for 2017

Play Store is full of new and interesting apps. We’re listing some of the best Android apps for July 2017. Make sure you don't miss them!

Wallpapers on Reddit: If you love to change your device’s wallpaper frequently then walls of Reddit is the perfect app for you. It will never let you run out of wallpapers again. This is an app that allows you to browse through  wallpapers submitted to  reddit and to sub-reddit. There are dozens of wallpapers to choose from. It has some of the most beautiful wallpapers that are captured or created by reddit users.
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Movie Pal: Movie Pal is an app that lets you easily find good movies to watch with your friends. Using a social media integration, this app lets you make your own ‘Movie Group’. Can you believe it! So that you can find good movies that you haven't seen before and invite your friends to watch it with you. This app is now available with the latest update. Give it a try!
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Kwikpay Mobile Top Up: Kwikpay app is a new and innovative mobile app for all those who use prepaid services in the UK. Kwikpay offers fast and easy prepaid mobile top up for popular mobile operators around the world as well. It can help you to topup your lycamobile, Giffgaff, O2, EE Mobile, Vodafone, Virgin and so many more on the go. The latest updated app of Kwikpay sends mobile top up faster than before.
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Microsoft To Do: Microsoft To Do is simple but intelligent app which let’s you easily plan your day. That is the beauty of this app, simple yet precious. So that you can plan, organise and schedule your activities while travelling. Download the app for your next business trip. Microsoft lets you do your day to day task quickly and hassle free. You can also sync your data to your computer with easy access.
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Flick Launcher: Inspired by Google Pixel Launcher, The flicker launcher app is an open source launcher. It is one of those rare launchers which will give experience of Pixel. This app works pretty fine. The major feature of this app is that it offers fingerprint app lock functionality. Flick Launcher also allows you to resize icons. You must try this app once!
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Synoped: Synoped is probably the most interesting app introduced in recent times. Never feel left out of ongoing internet trends. Synoped lets you discover everything that is trending on social media. Yes, we are talking about memes too. You can catch latest gifs, viral images, trolls, summarised news and many other updates. The app is currently rated as perfect 5.0. Need to say more?
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Just wondering if we have any Corbynistas in the house and whether they could possibly explain why it's so worth celebrating a presumed repeat of his leadership triumph. We all know it makes Labour unelectable, so what's the point?