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Benefits, banking and the nanny state.

My partner is disabled, and because I am the "Man" of the house 90% of the benefits are paid to me all except Child benefit and carers allowance, the government in all its wisdom says you have to have a bank account for benefits to be paid into, fine I hear you say, have you tried opening a bank account with less than £200 PCM firstly that doesn't meet there criteria secondly you need a Driving Licence or passport, 2 utility bills. Well my wife doesn't drive, so hence doesn't have a driving licence (we can't afford lessons atm either) we Can't afford a holiday outside the UK as passports are too expensive, and I pay the utilities but the paper work we get through is statements as were on pre-pay meters.

So no bank except Nationwide (whom we already have a longstanding joint account with (Saving) will give her an account, let alone a debit card, so when it comes to paying for things you have to do it cash, now heres the corker.... Certain companies will not allow you to pay for things on HP via cash, we found this out when she had to change her account from Abbey "The bank that like to charge you more" to nationwide, after a number of bounced items due to them not informing her of charges.

There is also this idea that keeping children in school until they are 18 is a good idea, I concur, but there is one problem, its hard enough to know where your child is when the school is responcible for them in the first place, let alone until they are 18 (this is not aimed at good kids if you get my gyst) But is this just part of a ploy to put up the age of smoking, marrage etc, I know that if everything was uniformed it would be easier but.... The law says 12 year olds are legally responcible but the parents get charged too. Bahh silly rule.

Then we have other government sillynesses: Children should be taught to drink sensibly, then the next day they announce plans to stop children drinking. The answer to this is simple, more pubs that have family restaurants that encourage people to have a quality meal (Not burger and chips) and a glass of wine. Research has shown that wine consumed with a meal is much less damaging than without, and blood alchohol levels are miniscule after a meal (gov research). Also they could bring the age down to 16 in pubs when accompanied by an adult* a couple of glasses beer will not hurt them on occassion half as much as a binge at a mates house or on a corner, and to aid this sensible drinking MAKE the pubs force the price of soft drinks down. In my local a pint of coke is twice the price of a pint of bitter, and a J20 is nearly £2-50 :0 thank the goddess I like a beer. I for one would take my eldest out, at his age he can hold a sensible conversation, isn't likely to take drugs and certainly wouldn't get absolutely hammered.

*A Parent or guardian for example

So I'd like to offer you a giggle here are some companies and new slogans

The Post office: Post with us and we'll file it. (See rubish bin)
The National Health Service (RE Choose and Book) Help us, help you, Help us
Private Dental Health, have a smile for your bank manager to be proud of!
The Dental Service (NHS) subscribe now your grandchildrens smiles might get noted.
Social Services: Get help you need when you need it*
*As long as were not in a meeting or filing our nails
The Benefits agency, New technology to help you find a job**
**all benefits agency staff where trained how to work these machines before they where sacked due to machines
Social Services Direct Payments Dept: You get the employee you want, we give you the cash(Eventually) and we do no work and get the credit.
Local Council ASBO Unit: Antisocial behavior is not a problem please ring your local nick on 0990.....
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